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Dear Parents,

Your fellow neighbors, Board of Directors, and management team are reaching out to all Waterchase parents to ask for your help. Over the past several months, there has been an increase in the number of unsupervised children in the amenity areas, and with it, an influx of behavioral issues have been occurring.

While there are many children who are following the amenity rules and being responsible with their actions and language, there is undeniably also many that are repeatedly being destructive, disrespectful, and verbally aggressive towards Management staff and the Access Control guards when asked to desist or leave the area. There are evenings when there are over 60 kids at a time in the amenity area, and these incidents regarding behavior and language often become increasingly disrespectful due to pressure and influence among their peers.  This is creating an unsafe and uncomfortable environment for other residents that are trying to use the amenities.  This continued behavior will not be tolerated.  Below are just some of the incidents and damages that have already occurred in the amenity area:

  • Trash being left everywhere
  • Playing loud and/or inappropriate music
  • Using foul language
  • Verbally abusing other residents, staff, and guards
  • Damage to tennis court fencing and nets
  • Drawing obscenities on the walls/courts
  • Smearing food on the walls/floors
  • Carving into the picnic tables
  • Putting a hole in the restroom wall
  • Inappropriate actions on the playground and pool
  • Damaging irrigation heads to create mud pits
  • Damaging landscaping (throwing items in bushes, driving across field, digging holes, etc.)

The cost of these repairs is passed down to the entire association and waste valuable resources and time.  

Per Rule & Regulation 5, which you can find under the documents tab, these infractions are punishable by a Strike 3 suspension policy.  Unfortunately, the kids often refuse to provide names or address’, so we are unable to identify them to issue a strike suspension.  Therefore, effective immediately, all residents MUST have a photo ID with them when utilizing the amenities. Photo ID can be (but not limited to) a state/government ID, school ID or even a Waterchase access card (for those 14 years old or older). Photocopies and pictures of ID on phones will also be accepted. Should there be any behavioral incidents in the amenity area, such as the ones above, residents will be asked to provide ID. If they are unable or refuse to provide ID, they will be asked to leave the area.  If they refuse to leave, the association will be left with no other option than to contact the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office for assistance.  Please understand that contacting the Sherriff’s Department is NOT what the Board, Management, or Access Control officers want to do, and is the LAST resort should residents refuse to show ID, continue to act inappropriately, and refuse to leave the area when asked.

Important Rule & Regulation 5 Highlights:

  • Nobody under the age of 12 years old is permitted in the amenity area without an adult 18 years of age or older
  • Nobody under the age of 14 years old is permitted in the pool area (please note that the restrooms are inside the pool area)
  • Residents 14 years of age or older are only permitted to have two (2) guests
  • DO NOT share your access card with your children!  If they are 14 or older, they should have their own card. If they are under 14, they are not permitted in the areas that require a card.  Shared cards will be confiscated!
  • NO loud music
  • NO foul language
  • Trash must be placed in the provided receptacles
  • DO NOT write or draw on the courts, walls, or sidewalks
  • NO scooters, skateboards, bicycles, etc. permitted on the courts, playground, or field
  • NO motorized vehicles in the amenity areas including on the field; this includes golf carts, electric scooters, hoover boards, pocket bikes, etc. These must be parked in the parking lot or can be walked to the bike racks
  • Basketball Court hours at 8am to 10pm; other areas are 4am to 11pm

Parents, please review this letter and Rule & Regulation 5 with your children. We are hopeful that you can play a vital role in persuading your children to correct their conduct so the amenities can be safely used by all Waterchase residents. We also encourage you to check-in on your children in-person to ensure that they are acting appropriately when not supervised.

Please know that we are sympathetic to the fact that this pandemic has affected our younger residents immensely by keeping them sheltered from their friends and families.  We want to see them enjoying their community and amenities, but they need to do so safely, responsibly, and respectfully.  We hope you understand the importance and seriousness of this matter.